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Hello, I am Amer Shawa.

As you may already know, I am an Architect Engineer based in Dubai, UAE. Creativity and Art are what I focus my attention on, as I try to see art all around me, hence my main inspiration - NATURE! I strive to create unique designs with natural elements and ensure sustainability across all projects.

But for me, the creativity doesn't stop there - I am constantly looking for new ways to broaden my horizons. Few years back I seriously got into photography and videography. To me, architecture and photography are connected, since I can use my imagination and knowledge of light, shadows, color and various angles as an architect and translate it into my photography journey. I am also fascinated with action sports and all types of adventure and travel, which eventually brought me to the idea of creating my own YouTube channel. These days, I am sharing my architecture work progress and lifestyle vlogs there.

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